Louis Gray:

Second behind the word choice has to be “Momentum”. I can see that Android has momentum in terms of improved quality, in terms of the number of devices sold and users, and yes, applications, which are growing in quantity, soon to be followed by quality. I really do believe that if Android does not already have a market share lead over Apple yet in this discussion, they soon will. It is inevitable. The growth in the number of handsets, carriers and users will drive more developers to the platform, and the holdouts who are not there will eventually make the move.

To me the above statement just seems silly, that is like saying that you are using Windows and not Mac OS because the customer base for Windows is bigger. That is never a good criteria to make a decision on unless you are the provider or are talking about social networking.

I switched to Android because I am extending my move away from the desktop and more to the cloud. iTunes does not deserve to be the core of my device any more, as it is simply a utility to rent films and get new apps for the iPad.

The above however is an sentiment that I completely agree with.

Posted by Ben Brooks