In a post on the Backupify blog, Jay said this:

As written previously, Facebook has become too big to fail. Everyone is on Facebook, so everyone wants to be on Facebook. Perhaps more accurately, Facebook is AOL 2.0 — a massive walled garden that makes the internet simpler and safer for the average user. Facebook may be doomed to AOL’s same fate once the walls of that garden become too closed in but, lest we forget, AOL is still around. Diaspora will fail to kill Facebook simply because Facebook can’t die, even after it has faded to zombie-like pointlessness.

Are you kidding me, is this Jay’s first trip to the tech world? Did he not see Enron, Lehman, Madoff, or WorldCom? What they hell is he smoking? People once thought FriendFeed and MySpace were never going to fail, that worked out well for them. AOL for all intents and purposes has failed already, simply still being in business doesn’t mean you are not a failure.

Second, I’m not convinced the average user gives a damn about privacy.

Probably true, but once they start getting turned down for the precious few jobs out there because of pictures of their debauchery – well then they will start to care.

Third, the opportunity to host my own social networking server is one that appeals only to the smallest fraction of the social networking marketplace.

Absolutely true, but like Twitter the nerds must take over first and the rest (as they say) will follow. Diaspora will get the nerds to use it, the nerds will get regular users wanting it, and thus they will offer a hosted solution.

Posted by Ben Brooks