In business school we all had to take a class about interviewing potential hires, during which they told us that we should never look at the name or a picture so that we remain objective. We all know of course that this rarely if ever happens, bias sinks in every where and I believe that it should.

Do you really want to work for someone that would much rather have the opposite sex doing your job, or a different race? What about a person that would prefer a more outgoing personality, or a more subdued one? We all want to love what we do, and a huge part of that is loving the company that we work for. This Facebook bull will never hold up, Germany will never be able to enforce it so in the end it doesn’t matter.

Don’t get bent out of shape if someone doesn’t hire you because what they found out about you, chances are they just saved you from a miserable job.

[via Hacker News]

Posted by Ben Brooks