This is a horrid review of a product, take this example from the author Andi:

The ePad is very light! Much lighter than the iPad and therefore it’s going to be much more comfortable for those with weak wimpy wrists while reading, playing and browsing the web.

So you don’t have a scale or the tech specs that you can tell us how much it actually weighs, for instance the iPad weighs 1.5lbs, and the ePad weighs? 1.4lbs? 0.6lbs? Come one.

Oh and this:

The 10 inch screen maybe the same size as the iPad’s and the bezel surrounding it may mimic the little Apple tablets with mirror like detail, but looks are not all they seem.

The screen ‘maybe’ the same size? Either it is or isn’t the same size, buy a ruler. Holy cow.


The overall scores are 3-2 for the ePad!! Plus two ties due to personal choice regarding O.S and the material of the body.
[…]The scores are now 2-1 to the iPad, I could take a point from the iPad too for costing a hell of a lot more than the ePad, but I won’t because, like I’ve mentioned before the iPad does something all these cheap Android devices don’t…. It works and it works very very well and what’s the point in buying something that doesn’t work just because it’s cheap!!

So the ePad is the winner, then Andi rejiggers the scores until the iPad is the winner. What the hell is going on here?

[via Wired’s Gadget Lab Blog]

Posted by Ben Brooks