Susan Orlean:

I don’t think of the Internet as a danger. Its funny…we just bought a new car and we were looking at getting a DVD system, a built in one, factory installed. And they’re ridiculously expensive of course, and all they do is play movies. So a friend of mine said what a waste. Just get Austin an iPad.

And that way if I get him just the small one without 3G, loaded up with a bunch of games and download some movies for him, it would take us like three years before we come close to the price that you pay for DVD. And she said its old technology anyway and it will be useless and they charge about $2,000 for them.

My wife and I recently got a new car (new to us) and when we were looking I had already decided that I couldn’t care less about having a navigation system in it – I would rather have an iPod connection. I use my iPhone for directions, I don’t need a navigation system, I need music. In the end we ended up finding the car we wanted at quite a deal because it did not have navigation that so many ‘normal’ consumers must have these days.

Posted by Ben Brooks