Lexington (The Economist):

These show that in 2009 the average American adult received about 13 days of holiday, whereas the average Briton enjoyed a luxurious 26. The average “working” Frenchman, infuriatingly, had 38 days. Worse yet, more than a third of Americans do not even take all the days they are allowed. In 2009, harrumphs Expedia, Americans “gave back” a total of 436m vacation days. In fairness, America does indulge its children: their school year is one of the shortest in the world, as is their school day. But the indulgence ends with adulthood.

My wife and I try to take as much vacation as possible, only limited by her jobs terrible vacation policy. You should try to use yours up to, if only to take a long weekend camping somewhere.

[via Hacker News]

Posted by Ben Brooks