Marc A. Thiessen:

With his unprecedented release of more than 76,000 secret documents last week, he may have achieved this. The Post found that the documents exposed at least one U.S. intelligence operative and identified about 100 Afghan informants — often including the names of their villages and family members. A Taliban spokesman said the group is scouring the WikiLeaks Web site for information to find and “punish” these informers.

I honestly can’t say that I disagree with the sentiments in this article – it is walking a fine line between freedom of the press and national security. I doubt though that many view WikiLeaks as ‘the press’ especially when it’s leader says things like this:

He recently told the New Yorker he understands that innocent people may be hurt by his disclosures (“collateral damage” he called them) and that WikiLeaks might get “blood on our hands.”

Posted by Ben Brooks