Austin Seraphin recounting his experience buying the iPhone:

I continued to excitedly ask questions, as did my Mom. “Can he get text messages on this?” she asked. “Well, yes, but it doesn’t read the message.” the salesman said. Mom’s hopes sunk, but mine didn’t, since I understood the software enough. “Well, let’s see, try it.” I suggested. She pulled out her phone, and sent me a text message. Within seconds, my phone alerted me, and said her name. I simply swiped my finger and it read her message: Hi Austin. She almost cried. “Leave it to Apple.” I said.

This link was passed around over the weekend and I never had the time to sit down and devote to reading it. I did so today and what a truly great read. It is so hard to imagine life without one of our senses, let alone without the gift of sight. Seraphin does an amazing job and probably gives the best review of a piece of technology I have ever read.

Reading the part about him exploring his yard using an app that reads him colors was amazing. It all reminded me of a story that my Grandfather told me about his dad. When his dad first got hearing aids he would sit on his porch tearing newspapers because that sound, of tearing paper, was something that he loved and it just amazed him that he could hear it again.

Posted by Ben Brooks