Are Verizon Execs Dickheads?

Verizon is the largest U.S. carrier of mobile telecommunications, we all know that – why then don’t they have the iPhone, they aren’t getting the first crack at Windows Mobile 7, they didn’t get Android first, they aren’t getting the Samsung Galaxy Tab first either. So what the hell is going on at Verizon, surely they want some stuff first, right?

I have no inside info, nor do I still know anyone who currently works for Verizon, but the logical guess is that they must be dicks to try and work with. Think about it, it would be a huge win for Microsoft to sell through Verizon first as it takes the iPhone as a direct competitor (in so far as the iphone is AT&T only) out of the picture, it would also be a great win for Verizon (more choices that aren’t on AT&T). So surely Microsoft went to them first and there was something that kept it from happening, yet they were able to get a deal done with AT&T. Now there is no exclusivity, just the normal delay before everyone gets the phone, but that delay is a lucrative thing.

So goes the tale for the other devices I mentioned, Verizon appears to be winding up in second place across the board with device makers. I have to say that at this point it must have something to do with the archaic views held by the senior executives at Verizon. What else could it be?

That is, what else could be stopping all these hardware makers from working with the biggest and arguably the best mobile company in the U.S.? Egos that’s what. Ego is stopping Verizon from making huge profits and if you are a shareholder you damn well better be pissed.

Egos are putting Verizon in the mindset that they are king pin and they can dictate what others should do – which Apple has proven with the iPhone – is something that consumers don’t want. Verizon is getting beaten by the competition they are beating themselves. If Verizon wants to succeed they need to open their eyes are start being amicable – or maybe the hardware makers are really the stupid ones – actually now that I think about it, probably both are given the recent lack of profits that lead to the LG and Nokia CEOs losing their jobs.