Eric Zeman for InformationWeek on why the RIM Playbook is better than an iPad:

The PlayBook has a 1GHz dual-core processor with multi-symmetric processing. The iPad has a single core 1GHz processor. We haven’t seen any benchmarks yet, but two cores is twice as good, right? RIM claims the PlayBook is the “Fastest. Tablet. Ever.” We’ll have to see just how fast it is once it is available for sale.

In actuality I should have quoted his entire article – the whole thing is that dumb. He his talking out of his ass about something he has never held, not to mention the fact that ‘speed’ is based just as much on the software as it is on the hardware. So to say that having a dual core chip is ‘better’ is just dumb, they aren’t even the same architecture, let alone the fact that they run different OSes.

[Updated: 9/28/10 at 2:46 PM] I know that he is being partially sarcastic in the above quote – but honestly read the entire article and you will see that it is really misinformed.

Posted by Ben Brooks