Stephen M. Hackett talking about his search for the best task management solution:

For me and my simple needs, Things and OmniFocus are overkill. With systems like this, I spend more time entering tasks than doing them. When I was using Things, by the time I was done going over the day’s to-do list, it was time for lunch. OmniFocus just gives me seizures.

I can say that without a doubt I have had these same problems at times – OmniFocus is amazingly difficult to just ‘use’ instead of tinker with and can be confusing at times. That said, and as I have said before, OmniFocus is killer on the iPad – it is everything I need and more. The perfect solution for me, OmniFocus on my Mac and iPhone for capture and reference, OmniFocus on my iPad for true task management in a way that doesn’t get in my way.

Posted by Ben Brooks