This whole thing is a must read – it is the epitome of why Windows sucks on a tablet device. But in the interest of saving you time here are a few choice quotes that sum it up.

Steve Ballmer talking about optimizing Windows 7 for touch interfaces according to Mark Wilson:

Media Center is big and, when people say ‘hey, we could optimise more for clients’ I think what they generally mean is ‘Big Buttons’. Big Buttons that’s, I think, a codeword for Big Buttons and Media Center is Big Buttons not Little Buttons. I’m not trying to trivialise that – it’s a real issue.


The truth of the matter is the laptop weighs less – you can set it on your lap, it doesn’t weigh anything at that point and then you can type.

That isn’t just marketing talk, it is a completely asinine take on how to build a good tablet.

Posted by Ben Brooks