Instead of a deluge of links as I clear my Instapaper Backlog here are some links that I think are worth time if you have it – perhaps not must reads for all if you don’t have the time.

AppleInsider looks at the new scrollbars in Lion

I must say – I like them, I think that the scroll bars in Snow Leopard are very inconsistent with the rest of the OS styling.

Stephen Hackett weighs in future touch based Macs:

Even with Lion’s new features, Mac OS X is simply not ready for touch. Menus, window controls, lists and complicated toolbars are too small of targets to be usable with a finger. The remarks Jobs made about 7-inch tablets and small targets can be applied to the desktop, too.

Danny Sullivan reviews the new Sony Google TV:

A menu appeared asking me to enlarge a box on the screen to match my actual screen size. Then I got another menu asking how I wanted to connect, through a wired or wireless connection. I went the wireless route. Next, I was asked if I wanted to update my software. Sure!

After about a 10 minute download, that Google TV logo came up again. And I had to do the screen size thing again. And enter my wireless details again. Hmm — annoying. The “update” seemed more like a fresh install.

TechCrunch has video of them using the new HP Slate 500

Pro tip: you only have to watch the first minute to know that this thing will not out sell the iPad.

Posted by Ben Brooks