Month: November 2010



  • Reeder for Mac Preview Available for Download

    Very beta version is available. [Updated: 11/30/10 at 10:31 PM] What a great app it is.

  • Explaining the Comcast v. Level 3 Situation

    John Biggs with an excellent look at the Comcast and Level 3 crap: In fact, given the value of Internet connectivity to the average user, Comcast could do itself a favor and offer faster, better service to its current subscribers for a little more money instead of shaking down Level 3 (and then probably shaking […]

  • Quiting Instagram

    Tim Van Damme on why he stopped using Instagram: First off: I just don’t have the time anymore to pull up the app once a day. I’m always busy doing what often seems like a dozen things at the same time, and lately (with the wedding and more coming up, more about that later) it’s […]

  • WordPress TextMate Bundle

    Shawn Parker: The WordPress TextMate Bundle is a TextMate bundle built with the sole purpose of reducing the amount of time spent digging around the WordPress core to look up the little things that we work with every day. Nice! [via Jonathan Christopher]

  • The Human Factor vs. The Machines [TSA Thoughts]

    Over the holiday weekend here in the States I had some lively discussions about the new TSA backscatter machines with family members. As with any political discussion I tend to be mellow and not get to heated with people, it just isn’t worth it to have a shouting match on Thanksgiving. One question that seemed […]

  • Random Tweets That Amuse

    Ben Kuchera: God I love comments. It’s like your drunken uncle yelling at the TV, but in front of everyone. Ryan Block: One must be aware that loving Photoshop – and most other Adobe products – is actually more akin to software Stockholm syndrome. Mike Monteiro (link NSFW): It must be weird for TSA agents […]

  • ‘A Waste of Money and Time’

    Bruce Schneier: A short history of airport security: We screen for guns and bombs, so the terrorists use box cutters. We confiscate box cutters and corkscrews, so they put explosives in their sneakers. We screen footwear, so they try to use liquids. We confiscate liquids, so they put PETN bombs in their underwear. We roll […]

  • Quote of the Day: William Gibson on Twitter

    I was never interested in Facebook or MySpace because the environment seemed too top-down mediated. They feel like malls to me. But Twitter actually feels like the street. You can bump into anybody on Twitter. – William Gibson

  • Optional Attendees = Genius

    Google has added the ability to have ‘optional attendees’ in invited events. What an awesome move, this makes me very happy and I hope iCal implements this. [via The Next Web]

  • ‘Mac of the future: the OS’

    Siracusa thinks that the key to future OS X versions and Mac sales is simplicity. Which can only be a good thing.

  • What Does Steve Jobs Think of Email?

    In the recently released 1985 interview with Playboy, Steve Jobs had this to say about the telegraph in comparison to the telephone: It [the telephone] performed basically the same function as the telegraph, but people already knew how to use it. Also, the neatest thing about it was that besides allowing you to communicate with […]

  • WordPress Plugin: Headline Split Tester

    From the plugin page: This plug-in allows you to enter an alternate headline for every post on your blog. The headlines are then randomly alternated on your website until a certain number of “headline views” has been reached. At that point, a “winning” headline (as determined by the number of people that have clicked on […]

  • ‘The Only OS X Shortcut You Need to Remember’

    What a great tip, invoke the help menu via the keyboard and then you can find any menu item you want use – with no mouse. Excellent (CMD+SHIFT+/) read the post for more info.

  • Angry Birds Plush Toys For Sale

    I don’t know when these came out, but they would make a great gift for anyone obsessed with Angry Birds.

  • TBR Sponsorship

    Did you know that you can sponsor The Brooks Review’s RSS feed? Yeah it works pretty much the same as everyone else’s RSS feed sponsorship – it only costs $99/week. Click through to read more about it, your sponsorship would be much appreciated.

  • The Glif

    The Glif is a tripod mount for your iPhone 4, oh and a stand for it as well. It is very neat and very minimal. I am a Kickstarter donator to the project and was so at a level where I got a pre-production unit. I have been using the Glif now for over a […]

  • Rovio’s Awesome Android Success

    Quentyn Kennemer: Wait, what? It’s only been a month and a half since the popular game was released on Android and it’s already reached 7 million downloads. Something tells me had they charged for that game they would not have had that kind of success. The Android market is very different from Apple’s app store.

  • More on the health risks of backscatter machines

    Jason Bell, a molecular biologist and biophysicist on the porno-scanners: According to the TSA safety documents, AIT uses an 50 keV source that emits a broad spectra (see adjacent graph from here). Essentially, this means that the X-ray source used in the Rapiscan system is the same as those used for mammograms and some dental […]

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab Properly Reviewed

    Note: This is a review unit loaned to me by Verizon Wireless, the device and internet access was no cost to me while I had it. How do you review something that doesn’t fit any predefined category for a device? This is the problem that the Samsung Galaxy Tab presents: it is a tablet, but […]

  • Windows 7 tablets

    Charles Arthur on Windows 7 as a tablet OS: The reason I'm going to have to be negative about it is nothing to do with the hardware, which is perfectly fine. It's the software. Windows 7, which it runs, definitively proves that there is a difference between a touch-screen operating system, and a tablet operating […]