Tim Van Damme on why he stopped using Instagram:

First off: I just don’t have the time anymore to pull up the app once a day. I’m always busy doing what often seems like a dozen things at the same time, and lately (with the wedding and more coming up, more about that later) it’s even worse. I’m that kind of person who likes to read all tweets, even those posted while I was asleep. Same goes for RSS, Flickr, Tumblr and all the Campfire windows I have open all day. So I decided to cut down on distractions and refocus on the work that needs to be finished before Gwen and I leave for our honeymoon to Egypt (booyah!). So far, Tumblr and Instagram have been axed. Both great services with very interesting content generated by their users.

I use Instagram occasionally, and honestly it is a mental decision I must make to open the app and snap a picture. I never can stay on top of the photos from people I follow, nor people ‘liking’ my stuff. I love the filters and the ideas behind Instagram, I just don’t love the extra inbox it adds to my life.

Posted by Ben Brooks