iWork ’11 to Be Mac App Store Only?

Neil Hughes and Kasper Jade reporting on iWork ’11 (Pages, Numbers, Keynote) found out it was ready to launch at the back to the Mac event, but:

Apple’s revised plans currently call for the company to launch the new productivity suite alongside the forthcoming Mac App Store, these same people say. The applications included in the bundle — Pages, Numbers and Keynote — will be available for purchase individually when the Mac App Store debuts.

Those familiar with the matter said it remains undecided whether Apple will also release a retail box version of the iWork suite, as it has been sold previously. Alternatively, it could become the first piece of major Mac software from the Cupertino-based company to be available exclusively online.

If the suite is done this makes a lot of sense, Apple would want to give customers a compelling reason to sign up and use the Mac App Store right away. Making the Mac App Store the only place to buy the latest version of iWork would give customers a great reason to try out the App Store.


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