Instead of flooding you with a bunch of links in the stream, here is what I am reading today in TSA news:

Josh Mitchell for the WSJ:

Mr. Pistole also tried to allay privacy concerns about full-body-imaging screenings, which allow inspectors to view graphic images of passengers going through security checks. He said devices lack the ability to store or transmit the images.

That’s why there has never been a leak of say, oh, 100 images.

Isaac Schlueter on his experience ‘opting-out’:

After the first 4 “OPT-OUT” calls, they just passed us all through the regular metal detector. No one got groped.

Information, properly delivered, is power.

Great story, be sure to read it.

Noah Shachtman for Wired adds:

It’s the same kind of trade-off TSA implicitly provided when it ordered us to take off our sneakers (to stop shoe bombs), and to chuck our water bottles (to prevent liquid explosives). Security guru and scanner-suit plaintiff Bruce Schneier calls it “magical thinking…. Descend on what the terrorists happened to do last time, and we’ll all be safe. As if they won’t think of something else.”

Read the last two sentences again.

I don’t remember if I linked to this or not, but here is a letter from a Biochemist at UCSF talking about some ‘Red Flags’ and really if you read anything I posted here, read this.

Posted by Ben Brooks