Month: December 2010



  • Prevent Deactivation of Find My iPhone

    Great tip, go do it. (You need to have a MobileMe account) [Updated: 12/31/10 at 2:01 PM] Correction you just need the free account for Find my Device. I forgot that they had made this free, sorry about that.

  • Webkit Mac Antialiasing

    Some of you may have noticed that when I pushed the new site design the text looked, well shitty. Then when you scrolled around all was well in the world. Needless to say I was freaking out and when I couldn’t get it sorted out I turned off Typekit to resolve the problem. I contacted […]

  • Back to the Future (Our Future)

    It occurred to me the other day, that today’s youth doesn’t know the world without things like: Facebook, Google, Broadband Internet speeds, Microwaves with butter softening settings ((Highly recommend, very cool option.)), waiting for food, not knowing where a person is, getting lost, and so much more. As you think about each of those — […]

  • TBR to the Future

    When I started this blog back in April of this year my only goal was to get my blog out there and to do my best writing. Turns out that I have started on a good path with the first goal and I think my writing has only improved since day one. What I didn’t […]

  • Quote of the Day: Brett Kelly

    “However much time you spent building the retaining wall, writing the web application or mixing the homemade parrot shampoo, spend one percent more of that time making sure you didn’t dork something up along the way.” — Brett Kelly I need to do this more often — we all do.

  • Hotel Washes Every Coin They Get As Courtesy For Guests

    Ben Popken on a hotel that washes coins it receives: The practice at the St. Francis hotel in San Francisco is said to have started when hotelier Dan London observed that some coins sullied a woman’s white gloves. It is very cool that they still do this.

  • Confusion Happens When Print Tries to Imitate Web

    For better or worse one of the most popular trends on the Internet is to create infographics on topics (see a bunch here). Some of these graphics are stunning and really paint a nice picture, while others are, well, let’s just say others are less than helpful. Those who follow me on Twitter know that […]

  • Daddy Days and Remote Work in the Netherlands

    Katrin Bennhold on Microsoft’s Netherlands campus: Ninety-five percent of Dutch Microsoft employees work from home at least one day a week; a full quarter do so four out of five days. Each team has a “physical minimum;” some meet twice a week in the office, others once a quarter. Online communication and conference calls save […]

  • Macworld Reviews Postbox 2

    Nathan Alderman’s conclusion of Postbox 2: If you’d like a top-notch upgrade to your e-mail experience at a reasonable price, and you can live without Exchange support, the terrific and thoughtful features built into Postbox definitely deserve your consideration. Postbox is one of those apps that I want to love (another one is Pixelmator). I […]

  • Skype Video Calling for iOS over Wi-Fi and 3G Now Available

    Looks like a good update — personally I never use Skype, but this is a great way to do video chat over 3G on the iPhone. I may just have to start using Skype again.

  • 44GB is all Ian Hines Needs

    Ian Hines on how he got to only using 44GB on his MacBook: As I mentioned above, I didn’t get to this point out of some coordinated effort to use less. Less is not more. Enough is enough. And for me, this is enough. For reference I use 159.24GB on my MacBook Air, just a […]

  • QuickCursor

    A neat little utility to allow you to write in your text editor of choice and then upon closing that window have the text magically appear in say a mail message window. Clever and it supports TextMate. Here’s the thing though: there was another menubar utility that did this same thing a while back (like […]

  • Marco Arment’s Top 10 Tech Failures of 2010

    Marco Arment weighs in with a very accurate list.

  • RIM struggling

    Josh Ong after reporting on the Playbooks current 3 hour battery life: Despite these concerns, RIM’s Jim Balsillie has insisted that the PlayBook is “way ahead” of the iPad. Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis recently said in an interview that the PlayBook OS is will lead RIM into the “next decade of mobile computing.” I sure hope […]

  • F is for Failure

    Yesterday I posted about CNN’s list of the top ten technology failures for 2010 — in the linked list I wrote that I no longer trusted CNN and would not be reading them. Upon thinking about it more I find their entire list to be pretty silly. Here are CNN’s top ten failures in tech […]

  • iPhone’s Group Messaging in iOS 4

    Shawn Blanc enlightening readers about iOS group messaging: Since Group Messaging means messages are sent as MMS no matter what, if you’re sending to people using Blackberries or non-smartphones then they have to open and download your text message as if it contained a media attachment. They think you’re sending a picture, but you simply […]

  • Instafixed

    A huge thanks to Marco Arment for not only fixing the bug mentioned earlier, but for doing so quickly. Marco Arment: Users affected will need to tap the grayed-out stories in the iPhone/iPad app and select “Redownload” to fix them. Sorry about that.

  • InstaFavor [UPDATED]

    [Updated: 12/29/10 at 11:23 AM] Thanks to all that emailed me — this looks to be a widespread problem for more than just my site. If you are seeing this please feel free to continue to report it and also report it to the developer of the apps that you are using. Thanks. [Updated: 12/29/10 […]

  • Cultured Code’s Biggest Problem Isn’t OTA Sync

    A great write up from Stephen M. Hackett on how Things’ lack of OTA sync is really going to spell trouble for the company. Just look at the reviews that he links to and ask yourself: if you didn’t know anything about Things — would you buy it today based on the app store reviews […]

  • CNN Posts Link Bait — Loses My Respect

    I don’t care if you are going to list Apple’s iPhone 4 antenna problems as the biggest fail in tech of 2010 (though you would be wrong), but at the very least make sure you make a case for it being the biggest failure. Look at how CNN sees Apple’s “fail”, through the eyes of […]