Thomas Hawk writing to Carol Bartz about the leaked layoffs of 4% of Yahoo’s staff:

But you know what? You haven’t taken the time to really explore the social side of Flickr. Hell, you don’t even have an account yourself on Flickr. One of the most highly visible and trafficked Yahoo properties and you don’t even have an account there. Would it be so hard to have your assistant set up an account for you and post some photos of some mountains from a family vacation two years ago?


That’s right. At least according to this report you made $47.2 *million*.

It is absurd to think that a CEO would lay people off while they rake in that much dough – all the while they don’t even have accounts and use the services their company provides. That would be like Ballmer using a Mac with Mac OS X on it – even he isn’t that stupid.


I guarantee you it’s not going to be a thin Christmas at the Bartz household this year.

Posted by Ben Brooks