A fascinating post by “Byron G” on how modern cellphones actually charge. Unlike old cellphones they charge to 100% then cut power and only try to maintain something above 90% for the period they are plugged in. Battery gauges on phones are programmed to be inaccurate and report 100% charges. Now his data is only for Android phones, but one could assume that the iPhone is very similar.

Interestingly ‘bump charging’ gives you an extra 10-15% of battery power — at the cost of less battery health. (Bump charging is turning off your device and charging until the device reads 100%, then unplugging and replugging in the charger and repeating 5-6 times.)

The advice at the end of the post is the best — keep your phone charged when you can, topping it off is the best use case — most importantly just use your damned phone and stop worrying about the battery.

Posted by Ben Brooks