Joanna Stern on the Duo:

If only we could give such praise to its measurements and weight; the 1.03 to 1.13-inch thick / 3.4-pound netbook is much chunkier than most, which is really disappointing considering you’ll want to pick this one up more than the others out there. In tablet mode we found it best to prop it up on our legs or cradle it in the crook of our arm — unless you’ve got mitts like Shaq, you won’t be using this thing with one hand.

A tablet needs to be able to be held in your hands to read and use – 3.4lbs is just not conducive to that type of use. Reading the rest of the review the Duo sounds like a well made device with crappy software (Windows 7) and reminds me of the crossover cars that manufacturers make. They are supposed to be all purpose devices, while in reality they just really are only good at wasting your money.

Posted by Ben Brooks