Ian Hines on wearing your phone:

I guess the bottom line for me is that the belt clip has always been much more about utility than it has been about fashion. I’m married. I’m not exactly the coolest guy on the block. And I really don’t care as much about fashion as I care that I’ve got my tools where I need them.

I hate summer for one reason: I can never figure out where to put my phone. It will usually end up in my pants pocket making my thigh look rectangular. Winter/Fall/Spring in Washington allows for jacket weather, jackets have nice inside breast pockets that hold cell phones like a charm.

My wife says I have more clothes than her ((Yeah, right.)) so I may be too worried about how I look, but I still don’t think there is any excuse for wearing a belt clip. I get why Ian does it, and indeed when I worked in carpentry growing up I wore a tool belt with my hammer, and often my screw gun, hanging from it. For Ian it is about necessity, his job demands that he answers the phone while on the go, his job demands his availability. I can excuse that. The people that really drive me crazy are the ones that so very obviously do not need their phone on their belt.

At the very least, very least, put your phone in a pocket when you are dressing up for a formal event, or even just a semi-formal event. ((Fin.))

Posted by Ben Brooks