Shawn Blanc on Reeder for the Mac’s use of keyboard shortcuts:

While the interface design of Reeder for Mac is gorgeous and polished, it seems as if each level of hierarchy stands a bit isolated. It is easy to navigate within the subscriptions list, it’s easy to navigate within a list of items, and the individual item view is big and clear. But getting between one level to another is not so simple (unless you’re using the mouse).

I can’t say that I disagree with Shawn here, NetNewsWire (the only other OS X RSS reader that is worth a damn) does a great job of implementing keyboard shortcuts. Quite a few of you contacted me one way or another and your basic question was when I would be reviewing Reeder. The answer is not until it is a shipping 1.0 release, I just don’t think it is all that fair to review a product that came out less than a week ago, too much changes too fast.

I can’t fault Shawn for writing about this, and I agree it needs some work. That said the first update to Reeder since its public release has added more keyboard functionality. It seems that it is coming, but we can’t expect so much so fast.

Having said that Shawn hits some good points about the awkwardness of some of the iOS details of the app coming over to OS X.

Posted by Ben Brooks