MG Siegler on Windows Phone 7:

That said, the web browser on Windows Phone is an abomination. It’s hard to describe how bad it is. It’s sort of like IE6, but worse. Nearly every page I’ve visited over the past several weeks has been broken in the browser in some way. It’s usually just small style issues, but still — Microsoft should be ashamed of this. The browser is arguably the most important feature of any smartphone. And on Windows Phone, quite frankly, it sucks.

Overall he thinks the phone is a pretty decent offering — in the short amount of time I have had to spend with some of them I have rather liked them. He does note the keyboard is pretty good and that seems to be the same impression I got after typing on one.

[Updated: 12/24/10 at 10:18 AM] I think when the holidays are over I am going to try and get a Windows Phone 7 to try out…hopefully I can.

Posted by Ben Brooks