“You’re either with us, or you’re with WikiLeaks”

Marc A. Thiessen:

WikiLeaks represents a new and unprecedented cyber threat that cannot be ignored or wished away. Just as terrorism allows small groups of individuals to wreak destruction on a scale that was once the province of nation-states, information technology allows small actors such as Julian Assange to wreak previously unimagined destruction on U.S. national security through cyberspace. This is a threat that requires aU.S. response. Hillary Clinton is right – WikiLeaks has attacked America.

A piss-poor analysis. I don’t like Assange, and I don’t agree with the way he is conducting WikiLeaks. That said I don’t think that it should be attacked and shut down, this is freedom in its rawest form. I don’t know where I am really on this issue, but I do know that I can’t agree with Thiessen on this.