Marco Arment on Readbility’s new service:

Today, they launched an entirely new Readability service: you pay a small fee each month, and they give most of the proceeds to the authors of the pages you choose (by using the Readability bookmarklet on them, or adding them in other ways). It’s a great way for readers to support web publishers, big and small, directly and automatically.

I am signed up to pay $5 a month right now and The Brooks Review is setup to receive funds on Readability. ((My ultimate goal is to end up paying a subscription for whatever I bring in to TBR a month, back to the sites I read. I don’t know what, if anything, that will be right now so I am starting with $5/mo.)) This is so new and I was so excited about it I had to get it setup up right away. You will also notice that the Instapaper buttons are gone — replaced with Readability’s new buttons. On any article that I write you will see a button that says ‘Read’ and gives you two options: now and later. Later saves the article in the Readability back-end and Now gives you a great view of just the content. I am a huge fan and it helps that the colors somewhat match TBR’s colors.

Marco is working on an iOS app that uses Instapaper’s back-end for ultimate awesomeness. Let me know if you hit any problems, until then hit the link and sign up to use the service and sign up as a publisher if you haven’t already.

Posted by Ben Brooks