Shawn Blanc elaborating on an idea from Ian Hines:

OmniFocus Aid would be lightweight, easy to use, and built for the sole purpose of throwing tasks into your OmniFocus database when at your Mac.

I am plus one to that idea. I think for many people the cost of OmniFocus for the Mac is a huge amount of money to come up with. If you are just starting out with OmniFocus I recommend you purchase in this order:

  1. OmniFocus for iPad (if you have an iPad).
  2. OmniFocus for iPhone (if you don’t have an iPhone this would be your excuse to go get one).
  3. OmniFocus for Mac Trial.

The best version for organizing and reviewing your tasks is the iPad version, the iPhone version is a must have for on the go entry and the Mac version is a must have for anyone working on the Mac. I recommend getting the Mac version last — even though the trial is free — because this will give you an idea as to whether or not you actually need the Mac version. There is a large subset of people who will be just fine without the Mac version — personally I couldn’t live without all three. ((Ok I *could* live without all three, but I don’t know if I would ever be able to get out of bed.))

Posted by Ben Brooks