Fabrizio Capobianco debating Nokia’s mobile OS options:

The big question is: will there ever be a lot of MeeGo developers? Hard to say, the ship has sailed a long time ago. Developers today build for iPhone first, then Android. If they have a good reason (i.e. Microsoft paying) they build for Windows Phone 7. If they are in the enterprise, maybe they look at BlackBerry. If they want to support the existing bunch of devices, they suffer and go with Symbian as well. Hard to think they will pick yet-another-OS…

Capobianco is right, MeeGo has no developers and that means that there will be little consumer interest. I would guess that Nokia tries to launch a Windows Phone 7 and Android phone to see which sells better. As much as I would like them to pursue MeeGo and not license Windows Phone 7 or Android I just don’t see the benefit to it.

Posted by Ben Brooks