I am linking to the Consumerist post about this because they list out the banks so you don’t have to click through a slideshow. I am posting this not because it is ground breaking news, but to promote the bank I use: USAA.

You don’t have to be military to use it, but if you love the experience you get with using Apple, then you will love USAA. They don’t have branches, but they do have a killer iOS app. The few times I have called in for help I was blown away by how great the customer service is.

Maybe you think I am just full of it and if you do go to their site. Now where it says ‘free checking’, do you see the star ratings — yes USAA is so confident they allow users to rate their services and almost 8,000 members have rated their free checking at 4.7 stars out of a possible 5. Read that sentence again. Can you imagine your crappy bank allowing its members to rate any part of the bank and then being confident enough to display that rating on the front page? You need to flip to past page 600 to start reading the negative reviews.

Honestly I cannot recommend USAA enough, it is the Apple of the banking world.

(Note: There are services that you cannot get through them without being a retired or active Military individual. This includes depositing from the iOS app. A major bummer, but even without that, I recommend this bank.)

Posted by Ben Brooks