Anil Dash expressing his frustration of the lack of archive for Tweets and why you should blog big thoughts:

However, by creating a lossy environment where individual tweets are disposable, there’s also an environment where few will build the infrastructure to support broader, more meaningful conversations that could be catalyzed by a tweet. In many ways, this means the best tweets for advancing an idea are those that contain links to more permanent media.

This is a great analysis of the problems with Twitter and the benefits of blogging. I love getting short thoughts from readers on Twitter — occasionally though people want to debate and Twitter truly is not a medium for that. Whenever I find myself getting multiple tweets from a person on the same topic I usually ask that they blog about it or email me.

I am not trying to remove the conversation from the eye of the public — rather I want the thoughts to be archived and I want to be able to talk in greater than 140 character bursts. Keep that in mind when you are deciding how to respond to someone. If you blog about one of my posts I may not see it, so do be sure to email me the link if you think about it.

Posted by Ben Brooks