Twitter for iPhone FAIL

San Francisco we have a problem: Twitter for iPhone has become the most crashtastic app on my iPhone over the past month or so. I can’t pinpoint when this first started to happen but Ian Hines lamented on Twitter the other day:

@twitter for iPhone crashes roughly 30% of the time. Unacceptable..

For an app so good and as high profile as Twitter — this is hardly a good thing. On my iPhone it seems to happen most frequently when I am trying to reply to a Tweet, followed closely by the times that I am simply trying to tap out a Tweet. Normally I use a mix of Tweetie and my iOS devices, but while traveling this weekend Twitter for iPhone was my primary interface and it was frustrating to say the least.

I am hardly in the mood to switch apps at this point, but I may be forced to if this continues much longer. Then the questions is what app do I switch too? I am not much of a Twitterific fan — Icebird seems nice, but is hardly great. Suggestions?


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