Joseph Perla on why Facebook is a ponzi scheme:

Eventually, though, and this might take a long time, but it is finite, everyone will have tried Facebook ads and know that they are useless. Eventually, after 10 million businesses have invested $1000 each, and Facebook has earned $10 billion in revenue in total, then they will have run out of new customers and their revenue will dry up. A useless product is never sustainable. I wish I could short Facebook.

I wish I could short Facebook too. From people that I have talked to about Facebook ads the sentiment seems to be shared: they only work for very specific products and mostly they are not worth the money spent. FYI to everyone who is potentially going to advertise on Facebook: it’s not worth it unless you have a social game or busty girls in tight t-shirts.

(On another note: you are clicking those beautiful Fusion ads up there right? There are some damned good services being advertised and it helps support this site. Thanks!)

Posted by Ben Brooks