Sophia of Sophiestication Software explaining why she violated her promise:

First of all I‘m sorry for the confusion about the upgrade policy and version number. The License dialog clearly states 3.0, whereas the new version is labeled as 2.5.

However, this is the first paid upgrade ever in the four years that CoverSutra exists. My intent is not to make some quick dollars, it‘s to sustain the development costs of an app I love and use daily.

Now if you don’t know what this is about, basically she promised users free upgrades until version 3.0. Now though she is going back on that and making users pay for upgrades past 2.5 (though lowering the price by $15), all of this because she wants to maintain only one version of the software — that Mac App Store version. This is all well and good, except: you should never break a promise to your users.


If I thought of that license text I would have simply declared this new version 3.0. Calling me a liar is simply wrong and way over the top.

Over the top? Perhaps. Wrong? No way. Sophia, I don’t know you, but you did indeed lie. If the truth is that you forgot about your promise, then you need to state that up front and apologize, then find a solution.

Sophia again:

But seriously, what kind of reputation did I have if it‘s lost so easily? Didn‘t I prove often enough that I‘m fair and not interested in any fishy marketing tactics?

You did prove that, which is why people are so pissed about what you just did — I thought that was obvious. What really should irk users though is the way she ended it:

It‘s obvious that many of you are simply overreacting. Overreacting to some text I wrote over three years ago and forgot about until this thursday.

Where the fuck is the apology?

Posted by Ben Brooks