Since I started this blog I have hated the fact that Twitter Tools prefixes each tweet with something (you can set what, I had it set to: tbr). The problem is that Twitter Tools is the best plugin for tweeting WordPress posts (I feel confident saying that after testing so many of them). Most people use Twitter Tools without the other options that allow you to create blog posts out of tweets (why do we need that?).

Now if Twitter Tools didn’t add a prefix it might get stuck in a loop of creating a new blog post from a tweet > tweeting that blog post > then creating another blog post out of that new tweet and so on. A spiral of doom if you will.

For those of us that don’t use these options and just want to get rid of the prefix — this ‘hack’ is the solution. A great solution too — that allows you to reformat your tweets a bit.

(Note: You have to create the plugin manually based on this code, but it is easy to do. Also the changes are commented out, so you need to edit the code to get what you want out of it.)

Posted by Ben Brooks