In the latest installment of: “Why we don’t have the number 1 requested feature” Cultured Code explains how hard of a problem OTA syncing is. Luckily for anyone else trying to develop OTA sync, Cultured Code tells you why a bunch of options that really aren’t options at all.

But let’s dissect their last paragraph:

Some people said we shouldn’t have pursued cloud sync with this level of ambition.

Actually people just want the solution, not the whining. And then:

But then, that wouldn’t be us. It is not how we developed Things.

You mean shipping an update that is more than “bug fixes”? Also:

We know that people are coming to Cultured Code because we take this approach.

Or because you are prominently displayed in all of Apples promos and App Stores, but you know they probably like you guys too. Lastly:

They like companies that care, companies that try – and that is what we will keep doing.

You know another company that really cares and tries: The Omni Group. Seriously, if you have ever talked to them you know they care. Hell @reply their CEO on Twitter and you stand an excellent chance of getting a response from him. Also: they have OTA sync.

Posted by Ben Brooks