Halfway into January Shawn Blanc and I had an idea to start a technology talk show, we both quickly began learning about podcasting and getting some sweet high-quality microphones. During all this we recorded practices episodes, until a few weeks ago we kept things hush-hush. A few weeks ago we teased our Twitter followers with an unofficial first episode that we could also use to submit to iTunes and now we are launching full scale.

Yesterday we pushed our first episode of The B&B Podcast and you can go check it out here and you can subscribe in iTunes here.

If you like what you hear please leave a rating and/or reviews in iTunes. Thanks!

[Updated: 2.28.11 at 2:10 PM]

Shawn posted a little bit about the name “The B&B Podcast”. Also we are looking really good in iTunes right now, thanks to everyone who has rated the podcast!

Lastly, I dig the logo and I know you do too — big thanks to Shawn for designing that, looks fantastic.

Posted by Ben Brooks