Federico Viticci on The Daily app:

Where The Daily only needs to get a lot better, though, is the app part. Put simply, The Daily as an iPad application is quite terrible. Not the “terrible” you’d expect from a Vietnamese developer who sells manga apps in the App Store, but the terrible you don’t want to see from an app that’s being heavily promoted by Apple, and that has been in the works as a strict collaboration between News Corp and Cupertino for months.

That bit sums up my thoughts on the Daily quite nicely. In fact I think Viticci is spot on in his look at the app. There are a lot of things that I don’t get and putting aside the actual content, the app just isn’t that good. Will it improve? Who knows. Is the content worth it? Depends if you can bother to use it past the 5 infuriating minutes it takes to scroll a couple of stories.

Posted by Ben Brooks