Delegate a Task in OmniFocus With Email

Don Southard posted an Applescript ((via MacStories)) on his site today that allows you to grab a task in OmniFocus and send it to someone using Sparrow. This is a great script, but since I don’t use Sparrow it has little utility to me.

So I tweaked it, the result of which is a script that grabs the selected task in OmniFocus and creates a message based off the data. I like it.

Couple of notes:

  • I borrowed Southard’s code.
  • I borrowed Apple’s code for making a new Mail message
  • It probably is not perfect.
  • I removed the addition of contexts. The thinking is that we all have our own contexts so it is rather pointless to send that to someone.
  • In the script I changed the subject line to read: “Task Delegated from Ben Brooks” — in hopes that clarifies things a bit. However in the downloaded script it just reads “Delegated Task”.

Set this script with a keyboard command using the excellent FastScripts (I am using ctrl+opt+d) and you are ready to roll. I don’t know just how useful this will be right now — but hey I’m adding it to the collection.

Download my version for here.

[Updated: 2.15.11 at 1:58 PM]

Reader David Messent sent in a modified version of this Applescript that embeds an OmniFocus link to the script that will allow another OmniFocus user to add it with just a click — very cool!

Download his file here.