Recommended Podcasts

I received a good amount of email since yesterday’s post mentioning that I listen to podcasts on my way to and from work. Rather than list what I listen to several times in email, here is what I listen to and thus, what I recommend.

Die Hard Fan Level

  • Back to Work: Dan Benjamin and Merlin Mann talk about productivity, well they kind of do.
  • Build and Analyze: Dan Benjamin and Marco Arment talk about iOS app development.
  • Hypercritical: Dan Benjamin and John Siracusa talk in depth about stuff. I mean really in depth.
  • Mac Power Users: David Sparks and Katie Floyd talk about workflows and tips for getting more power out of your Mac.
  • The Talk Show: Dan Benjamin and John Gruber talk about movies and baseball.

I Listen to if the Topic is Good

  • The Big Web Show: Dan Benjamin and Jeffrey Zeldman talk with a guest about all sorts of stuff.
  • Enough / Minimal Mac: Patrick Rhone and Myke Hurley talk about what is an isn’t enough in computing and how you can find that.
  • The Macgasm Podcast: The Macgasm guys talk about all sorts of Apple stuff.
  • The Pipeline: Dan Benjamin interviews a person and talks about how they came to be.
  • WorkAwesome: Mostly interviews with guests about life, work and productivity.

Only Two Video Podcasts

  • Beautiful Places in HD: Beautifully shot video of places you can really only see off the trail.
  • Chase Jarvis Photography: Chase is a local Seattle photographer, but is internationally recognized as cool. Chase’s work is amazing and his videos rival his photography and are full of great little tips and trick to learn.


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