Joshua Topolsky reviewing the Moto Xoom:

One other big note: a lot of the new software feels like it isn’t quite out of beta (surprise surprise). We had our fair share of force closes and bizarre freezes, particularly in the Market app and Movie Studio. Most applications were fine, but there definitely some moments where we felt like the whole device was teetering on the brink of a total crash.

He later says:

Is the Xoom a real competitor to the iPad? Absolutely. In fact, it outclasses the iPad in many ways.

Only to later follow that up in the same paragraph saying:

Honeycomb and the Xoom are spectacular — unfortunately they’re a spectacular work in progress.

I am not knocking Topolsky here, but honestly you can’t say that something that is full of bugs and crashes with new apps even designed for it is a true iPad competitor at this point. A more accurate description would be that it has everything it needs to be a great competitor, but needs more stable software and more third party apps.

Because who wants to drop $800 on a “work in progress”?

Posted by Ben Brooks