John Carey checking in on his iPad usage:

I have a simple Manhattan Portage messenger bag with a space that perfectly fits my iPad and it’s lovely cushy sleeve that I wrote about here before and it makes it so very easy to pull out my iPad and instantly be checking my mail, opening up a tech manual for a new piece of gear at work, catching up on the latest news, or sharing a few photos quickly and easily on the big screen. This kind of casual quick approach computing isn’t as accessible on a laptop. Well, maybe on one of those tiny little MacBook airs to an extent but not in the same way.

Carey makes some great points about how his iPad usage has transformed. For me I used the iPad a lot the first month I got it then the usage waned a bit before it just took off like a rocket. It takes time to get used to computing on the iPad, but once you do you can’t imagine not having one — at least I can’t

Posted by Ben Brooks