I typically like to stay on topic here, but some of you may also know that by day I am a property manager and seeing this just frustrates me — it gives a bad name to property managers everywhere. If you are a renter (a lot of us are) the best thing you can do is to know your lease and know the applicable laws in your state.

You will not believe some of your rights that you just always assumed you didn’t have.


One last tip — if your landlord isn’t getting something fixed that you want fixed, a written and mailed letter will do you wonders over repeated phone calls. Best thing you can do if you have called in the problem or submitted the maintenance request and have yet to see action: write a letter and mail it, be professional and concise — then once you sent the letter, call your landlord and let them know that you sent it to them.


These thoughts are coming to you as a tech geek to a tech reader, not in any professional real estate sense and therefore, you should take everything with a grain of salt.

Posted by Ben Brooks