I had the opportunity to beta test the web based task management system and its iPhone app and I have to say that if I wasn’t already so invested in OmniFocus it would be the task management system that I would be using. It has some great collaboration features that I think could make Basecamp obsolete for many teams.

It isn’t a strict OmniFocus replacement and that is good because I think for a lot of people OmniFocus doesn’t work. Flow though is now the app that I will recommend people start with when they are trying to get into digital task management.

The pricing is also very interesting: $9.99/mo or $99/yr. ((That’s according to Ian Hines, so it’s his ass if that info is wrong. I couldn’t get the site to load to put my eyeballs on the price. Though, I do trust Ian.)) I am glad they aren’t doing a free thing, but man this seems a bit steep.

(Also the site is being hammered right now and is running slow, which is never a good sign from a new user perspective.)

Posted by Ben Brooks