Lenovo Joins Tablet War With LePad

Kathrin Hille for the Financial Times, reporting on the new Lenovo ‘LePad’ tablet:

Lenovo’s focus on China, which will make it a late-comer in other markets, is expected to be the group’s biggest strength. “When it comes to tablets, what matters is software, not hardware,” said Mr Yang. “Lenovo’s strength is that they have a Chinese interface and Chinese applications.”

Now the tablet has a stupid name and will not impress American’s (we tend to shun things that sound overtly French). That said the strategy is smart, the price is comparable to the iPad and somebody at Lenovo actually ‘gets’ the most important thing about tablets: software and interface. I am blown away by how smart of a play these seems to be — even going into China first where they stand to have a better chance of success is smart.

Color me impressed.


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