Om Malik:

However, if iPad, the device, is more magical, the applications (apps) for the device are anything but. For nearly a year, I’ve been waiting (and waiting) for experiences befitting the device and its hardware capabilities. Sure, there’s Flipboard, but as the saying goes, one swallow don’t make a summer. And same goes for the iPhone and other smart platforms.”

Malik has a good point here and furthers it by stating this:

And yet, we’ve seen application after application come to market as just an incremental improvement of the web or desktop versions of the same (or similar) application.

The problem is people wanting to adopt their website/service/product to the iPad instead of just designing it for the iPad. That is, throw away everything and think about what you want someone to be able to do on the iPad, then make that. All the good iPad apps I have used feel like this was the thought process behind them.

Posted by Ben Brooks