Jürgen for Cultured Code on the state of OTA syncing in the still popular Things app:

I’m sure the question on the mind of many readers is: when will I be able to play with Things cloud sync first-hand? As it happens, the integration of cloud sync with the Mac version is a little further ahead of its counterparts on iOS. We have therefore decided to start with a beta of Mac-to-Mac sync first.

I can’t make this stuff up. Cultured Code needs to get a clue. Mac users aren’t the ones that need OTA syncing — iOS + Mac users are. This should be pretty obvious.

The best part though is this bit:

iOS devices will join the fun once we are confident with everything server-side.

Which, given Cultured Code’s track record isn’t very reassuring.

[Updated: 3.28.11 at 1:39 PM]

So yeah, I guest their servers aren’t that “confident” yet:

Due to high demand, we’re experiencing intermittent server downtime – thanks for your patience.

Posted by Ben Brooks