Quick Takes on Five (Perhaps, Three) Apps #6

Thanks for all the great suggestions last week, I will be checking a lot of them out. There also were some great ideas for me to do follow-up on some of these apps and I will try to do that every once and a while.

Everyday (iPhone)

Everyday is a photo app, but one where you take a picture of yourself everyday and the app will make a little movie out of it so you can see how your physical appearance changes over time. I have been taking pictures of myself for over a year now, but I had been using Photobooth, which means that I miss some days here and there. Everyday is great because it will shoot you a push reminder AND it helps you line up your pictures so that the movie will look even better. I really dig it.

DaisyDisk (Mac OS X)

DaisyDisk is a dead simple way to see what is eating all the space on your Mac’s hard drive. I used the tool recently to find 20GBs of wasted space that I reclaimed. It is a great tool and presents the data in a view pretty looking view. I like to have tools like this around so that I can check in from time to time on what is taking up space on my SSD.

QR Code Reader and Scanner (iOS)

I don’t really care at all about QR codes and have never felt the need to scan one — that is until REI sent me some dividend stuff and there was a QR code on it. Now I felt that I had to check that out. I knew that finding a good QR code app might be a challenge, so I downloaded a bunch (only free ones, because after all this is a stupid technology). Here’s the thing, this app is fast and works as advertised — so I don’t know what there is to complain about. Oh wait, I though of something: The name of the app is “…” on the homescreen which is just stupid of a developer to do.

Be sure to check out more installments that actually have five apps in them: here.


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