It would — perhaps — be egotistical to assume that above was about, or directed at, me. Perhaps, but I am going to assume that this is at least directed at me in some small way and I want to address two things about this statement.

First: Yes, UI and UX can be a differentiating feature. It just so happens that I believe that not to be the case in Tweetbot — you may not agree and that is fine. For UI or UX to be differentiating in the way that @tapbot_paul is speaking, is to mean that you are adding value through UI and UX ((This is my assumption of what he means.)) and I don’t think Tweetbot adds any value through that.

Second: Perhaps most importantly it feels like the maker of an app — that I gave an honest and well thought out opinion about — is now telling me to get off their lawn because that opinion (seemingly) doesn’t suit them. I criticized Obama the other day too when talking with co-workers, should I then leave the U.S.? It feels like he doesn’t think I should be an iOS user because I don’t love what Tapbots have done.

Posted by Ben Brooks