TJ Luoma on the AirPort Extreme:

>I buy Apple’s Wi-Fi hardware for the same reason that I buy their computer hardware: it works better than many competitors’ products, has been more reliable, and doesn’t require me to spend a lot of time maintaining it.

That’s not just one users experience — it seems to be everyones that has every used an AirPort Extreme. I have one at home and switched to it from a LinkSys router running an install of DD-WRT to get a boost in reception. I can’t imagine going back to that crap. The AirPort just works — and works damned well.

When we remodeled the office that I share with another two companies the larger company that we sub-let from was trying to device a wireless network. They had an IT pro come in and install a robust, custom, wireless network complete with antennas coming down from the acoustical grid ceiling. Eight months later a new IT company came in to redo the network and they replaced that system with just one AirPort Extreme. These IT guys are not Mac guys — but they told me that in their experience the AirPort routers can’t be beat for small offices (less than 30 people).

They *are* that good.

Posted by Ben Brooks