Mike Melanson:

I opened the Android Market, searched for Flickr and quickly clicked on the app named Flickr that had the Flickr icon. Great. Once the download completed, I tapped on the icon and suddenly a website opened up to a phishing warning. I tried to exit, but it just reopened. Again and again. No matter what combination of buttons I tried, the phone re-entered this unusable state of trying to reload this prohibited website and randomly rebooting. Not in a year and a half has my iPhone done anything similar. Now, I’m not saying this makes the thing unusable. I rebooted the phone, deleted the app and went on with my day, but I can only imagine a less confident mobile user going through this experience

Sounds fun. I mean you need to reboot your phone and forceable remove the app before you can use the phone — yeah that’s the pillar of not being unusable.1

  1. Lots of sarcasm here folks. 

Posted by Ben Brooks